CHB Kāhui Ako 

Ruahine & Te Angiangi  Communities of Learning

About Us

Central Hawke's Bay is a fantastic place to live with access to rivers, sea and mountains all within easy range. If you live at the beach it will only take 1hr 30mins to reach the mountains and vice versa. It has two main townships of Waipukurau and Waipawa with a number of smaller villages sprinkled across the district: Takapau, Ongaonga, Tikokino, Porangahau, Otane, as well a number of beach communities along the coast: Te Paerahi Beach (Porangahau), Pourerere Beach, Blackhead Beach and Kairakau Beach Settlements.

The education centres have come together and formed two Communities of Learning - Kāhui Ako. 

Ruahine Kāhui Ako: Flemington, Ongaonga, Porangahau, St Josephs, Takapau, Terrace, Waipukurau, Tikokino, Hunter Park Kindergarten, Lakeview Kindergarten, Scallywaggs Kindergarten & Care and CHB College

Te Angiangi Kāhui Ako: CHB College, Argyll East, Omakere, Elsthorpe, Otāne, Pukehou, Sherwood, Waipawa, Waiapu Kids Abbotsford and Waipawa Kindergarten. 

Education - whānau - Community

Although we have formed two Kāhui Ako, they essentially operate as one community for the benefit of all of the children, kaiako and whānau across Central Hawke's Bay.