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The CHB has representatives from different services or agencies to support the strengths and needs of students.  Working with with whānau and kaiako, they bring to the kete skills and support to collaborate priorities and strategies to help students with complex needs using a holistic wellbeing approach

Kia ora - My mother and father emigrated to NZ in 2003 and when I came out in 2004 I decided this was where I wanted to be. I had fallen in love with New Zealand. In 2019 this dream became a reality when I moved to Hawkes Bay. I have taught in a range of settings through my roles as teacher, Special Educational Needs Coordinator, Specialist Teacher, Special Education Advisor at the Ministry of Education and now as Learning Support Coordinator here in Central Hawkes Bay. I have a passion for children with social and emotional challenges. I am really enjoying getting to know my schools and the children within them and looking forward to really getting into the role this year. I am enjoying working alongside RTLB and others to increase my knowledge and am looking forward to getting into my thesis on Cognitive and Behavioural Neuroscience. 

Hi there I have a background in teaching and returned last year from teaching in the Waikato.  I just got married in the holidays so that was exciting. (Hence the nice photo).  I have a passion for teaching science and working with students with high behavioural needs.  I have been an LSC for a year now and have participated in a variety of workshops, my favourites being Autism and Sensory.  I really enjoy my job and my host school (Waipawa).  I am looking forward to continuing to increase my knowledge in all areas this year.

I have a wide range of educational experiences from being a Principal, Team Leader, Technology teacher and for many years a classroom teacher. I have taught in a range of schools from small country schools to larger intermediates and also the full range of class levels. I am able to use these experiences to assist teachers and their students on their learning journey.

Last year I trained in Lego Therapy which I am using in a number of schools. I am also training/ being a facilitator for a school completing the Better Start Literacy Approach through the University of Canterbury.

I began my teaching career as HOD Music at Central Hawkes Bay College. I worked part-time teaching mathematics while raising a young family, before returning to the Music department full-time again in 2013. I developed an interest in special education after spending several years navigating the health system with my son, which resulted in a lot of personal research around neurodiversity. I then decided to put this learning into practise and have been fortunate to have taught in both Kowhai Special School and the Havelock North Special Needs Unit. I am now thrilled to have the opportunity to support students and whanau within my own community of Central Hawkes Bay.


As your Public Health Nurse, my job is to increase equity within the school environment. It is difficult to achieve good educational outcomes without having good health. Health is a determinant of education and education is a determinant of health. That means that to achieve well at school, children need to be healthy and well.

Public health nurses work on an assess and refer basis, we know the networks and resources available and can help families navigate the health system.

Rebecca Holes | Public Health Nurse

Child Health Team | Hawke's Bay District Health Board

T: 06 858 9090 ext 5544 Fax: 068587 200 

Cell: 027 244 0268

Nicole Pinfold

Public Health Nurse

Ko Kauhehei te Maunga

Ko te Roto-a-Tara te Waiu

Ko to Roto-a-kiwa te Roto

Ko to Wai-nui-a-Rapa te wairere

Ko Tukituki te awa

Ko Keke Haunga to whara-tipuna

Ko Kauhehei te Whare-Kai

Ngai TeHurihanga-i-te-rangi, Nga Terangi-te-kahutia Ngagi Pukututu te Tangata

Ko Takitumu te Waka

Ko Pukehou te Marae

Tihei Mauri ora

Kia Ora, I'm based at Tihei Tamatea in the attendance and whanau engagement space currently in my first year in this role. 

Over the years I have coached various sporting teamd (rugby, touch, league, basketball, 7s) and this has been the motivator to why I want to work with out rangatahi.  I've found sometimes the less fortunate are some of the most talented and if they have a strong support system, one person to help.

I've come from a background like many of our kids wher mentor and support was an issue therefore, I want to help give them a chance to reach their potential and break down barriers hindering it.

Most of my working life has been spent at the meatworks, working as a worker through to a sawmen to Bone Trainer and a 2ic/team leader position.  I made the choice to change my life and path it was on by completing a NZcert in youth work (L4) and it was one of the greatest decisions.  I started with TTOT at the start of 2023.

In my own time, I enjoy working on my mental health, going to the gym, staying fit, playing sports, hunting and fishing, but mostly chilling with my whanau.  i have 5 kids in my life, 4 of my own and a stepson.

Ehara taku toa I te toa takitahi engari taku toa he toa takitini.

Success is not the work of one but the work of many.

(06) 858 7206

Te Taiwhenua 0 Tamatea

1A Kitchener St. Waipukurau 

Ko Haaka Marsh tōku ingoa, e mahi ana ahau ki Te Taiwhenua o Tamatea. Hello my name is Haaka and I work at Te Taiwhenua o Tamatea.

My passion and drive is for our Rangatahi and Tamariki, and I believe through guidance, advocacy, role-modelling and support they will choose to make good choices so that they can flourish and fulfil their life aspirations. 

In my previous life I was a Sgt with the Army which saw me fulfilling many roles in that space including Instructing the LSV (Limited Service Volunteer) Programme, and facilitating several Army recruit courses. Suffice to say I have a wealth of experience dealing with young people and young adults who have a lot of issues and struggles to work through. During my time at Ngãti Tümatauenga/The NZ Defence Force, I had the privilege of seeing a number of Rangatahi grow from being “lost” or “frightened” into “proud” and “confident” Soldiers/young people.

The vision of Te Taiwhenua o Tamatea within the Attendance space is to ultimately raise the school attendance rate across Central Hawkes Bay. In order to achieve this we will need your support. This role also allows Sonny and I to provide wrap around support for whãnau so to navigate those barriers which may be contributing to their child’s attendance at kura.

I look forward to working collaboratively with you all, as I know we all share the common goal of getting our CHB back to school and engaging in their mahi.


Tini Whetu ki te rangi, ko ngã rangatahi ki te whenua! Ma mãtou kë e whakaatu atu te huarahi tika!

Mauri Ora,

Haaka Marsh

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