7-8 Protesting

Erica Tito had the perfect summer holiday planned. Then her father decided the whole family would pack up and join the protestors at Bastion Point in Auckland. Through Erica’s heartfelt diary entries we learn about the daily lives of the protestors, listen in on grand speeches and fiery confrontations between the protestors, Ngāti Whātua elders, police and politicians. And we witness the distressing eviction of the occupiers — all seen through the eyes of a Maori girl previously unaware of race and land issues. My New Zealand Story is a series of vividly imagined accounts of life in the past  

The Springbok Tour held in New Zealand over 3 months in 1981 remains one of the most divisive periods in New Zealand’s recent history. Through his (fictional) diary entries, we learn about 13-year-old Martin Daly’s experiences during the tour and his thoughts and feelings about the escalating conflict. His sister, Sarah, is out to stop the tour in protest against South Africa’s racist apartheid system. His rugbymad dad is equally determined that the tour should go ahead. Martin wishes the whole thing would simply go away But a growing understanding of the issues helps him to stop sitting on the fence and choose a side